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Study Abroad Transfer Credit Policies and Procedures

No student will be allowed to transfer credit toward a degree at St. Augustine's University unless you follow these study abroad transfer credit policies and procedures. 

You are responsible for reading, understanding and following these instructions.

1.  You are required to complete your Study Abroad Transfer Credit Form before you depart the USA for your study abroad program.

2.  If you have not uploaded a copy of your completed Study Abroad Transfer Credit Form to your online Enrollment Forms before your program begins, you will be ineligible to transfer credit from your study abroad program.

3.  If you are not able to transfer credit from your study abroad program, you will be ineligible for Federal Financial Aid.  If you were disbursed financial aid to be used for this program, you will be required to repay this amount immediately.

4.  You must transfer credit from any semester/year abroad for which you request a study agreement. You must authorize your host institution abroad to send a complete transcript to the St. Augustine's University Registrar’s Office as soon as it is available. Graduation dates may need adjustment if study abroad transcripts are not received and credit transfers are not completed by the specified deadlines.

5.  If you are a transfer student at St. Augustine's University, you must consult your academic dean to determine whether you will be able to graduate on time by earning additional transfer credits from abroad.

6.  For all transfer credit, it is the student's responsibility to do the following:

a)   Make an appointment with your Academic Advisor to review and approve your intended study abroad courses.  Do NOT wait until the last two weeks of the semester to attempt to meet with your Advisor, as this is a busy time and your Advisor may not have time to meet with you in a timely manner.

b)   Take a copy of the Study Abroad Transfer Credit Form and copies of at least 10 – 12 course syllabi from the Host University abroad to this meeting with your Academic Advisor.

c)   Although you will typically take four or five classes abroad in a full semester, you are requested to get 8 – 10 classes pre-approved in case some classes are closed, not offered or offered in a competing time slot.  Thus, having alternative choices for classes you can take while abroad.

d)   Your Academic Advisor (or Department Chair) will indicate the following for any transfer credit approval:

                                                i.     is the Host University abroad accredited with the Ministry of Education in that country and does the rigor of the specific class meet St. Augustine's University academic standards

                                               ii.     how many credits a specific class will earn at St. Augustine's University

                                               iii.     if the class can be used to fulfill core, major, minor, or elective credit toward your degree plan

e)   Your completed Study Abroad Transfer Credit Form is a contract between you and St. Augustine's University.  You agree to take only courses pre-approved by St. Augustine's University while you are abroad.  And St. Augustine's University agrees to the amount of credit and type of credit for specifically indicated classes/modules and transfer of credit from the stated Host University.

f)    Typically the Host University will not mail your transcript automatically.   After completing your academic program abroad, you are required to submit a request to your Host University for an official transcript of classes with final grades from the program you attended be sent to:          

St. Augustine's University

Registrar’s Office

  Raleigh, NC 27610-2298

g)   Only courses that have been pre-approved will be transferred to your St. Augustine's University transcript

7.  You are required to maintain a full-load of classes during your term abroad, which is a minimum of 12 credits for Fall and Spring programs.  Some programs may limit your course load and not allow you to take above 15 credits.  Neither under-loads nor overloads are permitted.

8.  If it is discovered that you opted for an unauthorized under-load while abroad (this includes earning less than a “C” for any class), you will be blocked from registration in your next registration period until the final available registration window. AND if you accepted any form(s) of financial aid during your semester abroad, you will be required to repay your financial aid in full immediately.

9.  When St. Augustine's University receives an official sealed transcript from your Host University abroad or study abroad program, the Registrar will compare it with your Study Abroad Transfer Credit Form to confirm that you only took courses that were pre-approved at St. Augustine's University.  The Registrar’s Office will also confirm that you earned at least a “C” in every course.

a.   All courses must be taken for graded credit. A course will not transfer unless a minimum grade of “C” or the equivalent is earned.

b.   No credit is granted for Pass/Fail courses, even if they are only offered on that basis.

c.   Transfer credits will appear as “TR” on the St. Augustine's University transcript.

d.   Credit may not be granted for the same course twice. For example, a student who has taken POLSCI 151 previously may not receive transfer credit for taking an equivalent course on a program abroad.

e.   Study Abroad courses will be regarded as transfer credits and will not count in your cumulative GPA at St. Augustine's University.

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